While the bass season may be coming to an end, for the first time in many years, I’m participating in a proper little Cornish winter league - a series of six competitions being run by Roche Angling Club during January and February.

I’ve not fished here for a few years, so today headed over on a guest ticket to try my luck on Waldon Pond - one of the two lakes being used for the league. I wasn’t expecting to catch loads to be honest but needed to air my kit out a bit and start making some plans - tactics and bait wise - for the weeks ahead.

I fished peg number 17, along the shallowest peg of this deep lake (all of the RAC lakes are deep - this one to 20’). There was loads of cold water flowing in to the lake next to peg 14 to my left, so there was loads of undertow which made it especially hard.

In amongst the freezing showers, blustery winds, rainbows and occasional sunshine, I had a nice afternoon catching plenty of roach for about 6lb in weight.

I caught best at 11m on the pole, fishing in 10’ of water. It was probably the hardest day I’ve had on Waldon, but an enjoyable day to be out after the madness of Christmas, nonetheless.