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Lure fishing is undoubtedly our most popular discipline locally. Surrounded by ocean we're spoilt for choice on our Cornish shores. In this space I'll keep you updated with all of our lure related tackle and fish news.

25 May TAILWALK Hi-Tide SSD 90ML: First Impressions.....
Ben 0 2738
It's not often I'm really surprised by what a rod will do after initially doubting it.... Very few 30g or 35g Japanese designed lure/seabass rods will really cast and fish the weights they say they wi..
03 Nov Huge Apia order just in.
Ben 0 1269
It's a shame with the timing of this latest lockdown. Over the past few months I've had some huge deliveries of new (and old) products that I'm currently unable to show off locally. I love GRANDAGE On..
15 Sep The New AOF Website
Ben 0 14902
Every few years the AOF website outgrows itself. As a website developer myself I'm always aware of problems that the site has with regards to design, navigation or even the ordering process itself. Ho..
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